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We are your provider for WebChat solutions. Generate leads, streamline your communication with your customers. 

An AI chatbot that can be anywhere, anytime

Keep your customers happy and engaged with an omni channel presence across all platforms with WebChat Solution’s chatbot maker. Trust us. It feels super cool to help your customers all the time.

WebChat Solutions is for everyone

No matter what the industry, WebChat Solutions thrives easily.


Sell and retain better with WebChat Solutions taking care of your ecommerce needs.

Real Estate

Automate your business showings, list properties & help your customers in one go!


Keep your customers well informed and up to date with all the updates you push.


Make consulting super easy with BotPenguin doing most of the grunt work.


Help your patients book appointments, or reach out to a doc in just a few moments.

Tours & Travel

Exhibit tours, gain leads & give out excellent support to your customers in just few clicks.

How will our bot do it?

Since you made it here, you must wonder how WebChat Solution can do all of this. Well, you got us right on!

WebChat Solutions goes everywhere

WebChat Solutions goes everywhere

That’s exactly what we call an omnichannel chatbot. WebChat Solutions understands the need to be everywhere all at once and that's why it was created. It will help you communicate with B2B AND B2C businesses over all the platforms you want it to.

WebChat Solutions gets Multilingual

WebChat Solutions gets Multilingual

It pays to be well versed in languages, quite literally. Let it converse in as many as 8 languages and garner a global market, getting you clients from all over the world. C’est bon, isn’t it!

WebChat Solutions is more than a bot

WebChat Solutions is more than a bot

We taught WebChat Solution to be human enough to personalize conversations. If we say so ourselves, WebChat Solution has good people skills! You’ll see them at play as it engages potential customers for you and helps you nurture leads.